One-hundred and eleven NYC public schools offer zero sports teams.

Black and Latino students are twice as likely to attend one of these schools.



NYC's best-funded and whitest athletic program offers sports ranging from golf to table tennis to fencing

but over 50,000 young women of color attend a school without a soccer team.

17,000 students of color go to a school that offers no team sports.

Over 36,000 students go to a school with no spring teams.

The odds that a black or Latino student will attend a school with twenty or more sports teams are 3/10.

The odds that a white or Asian student will attend such a school are double: 6/10.

In 2015, the 50 high schools with the highest percentage of white and Asian students had on average more than twice as many sports teams as 50 schools with the highest percentage of Black and Latino students.

The whiter schools average 19 teams per school, and the Black and Latino schools average 8 teams per school.